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Protect Your Vote; Columbus Ohio Event

Updated: Mar 13

Many Americans are concerned about the integrity of the upcoming presidential election?

But Ohio already has a history of election manipulation and tampering. And following the Democratic app debacle in Iowa, many more are worried if they can trust the results of Ohio’s upcoming primary elections to be accurate?

Both the Free Press and have conducted researched on the equipment being used in all 88 of Ohio's county polling sites and have begun to educate and inform poll workers, activists and candidate campaigns of potential tampering at the Ohio polls this primary election!

On February 15th, 2020, Dr. Bob Fitrakis and John Robert Brakey were joined by Wade Rathke, the chief organizer of ACORN International for an intimate workshop and seminar which was free and open to the public. Hosted in Franklinton's eclectic Vanderelli Room, an art gallery and performance space, many people said afterwards they felt better prepared and informed for the upcoming primary, and would be volunteering to monitor poll results and be vigilant at the polls.