The Recount Battle Is Becoming More Intense!

TrustVote’s very own John Brakey is on the ground in Wisconsin with Black Box Voting’s Jim March and a lawyer who is an expert in recounts, Chris Sautter (see Chris Sautter’s bio).

They are helping to organize a formerly disorganized Green Party and have convinced many counties to agree to do a hand count. John and Chris are being a song voice for support for creating greater election integrity in our voting systems regardless of which candidates we voted for.

As a result of John’s and Chris’ diplomatic approach, the total number of counties willing to do hand counts is now up to 53

He is also reassuring election officials in Wisconsin that we are not looking to blame election officials for problems with vote count that may arise in their system. We are just trying to get the real voting results. Many of them are frightened for their jobs if a problem shows up in their county. I am imagining that an election official who really did change vote counts would want to focus on resisting the hand counts rather than talk to our people on the ground. As a result of John’s and Chris’ diplomatic approach, the total number of counties willing to do hand counts is now up to 53. Some counties are still holding out though. Dane County is wanting only to do machine counts, for example, and Door County does not want to have observers. There are other counties as well that are still resisting hand counts. We are going to have the press report on these counties to try to make them comply.

Your dollars are helping these trained lawyers, tech experts (like Jim March) and election observers do their great work in Wisconsin at this time. Please know that Hillary Clinton has still not contributed any money to the recount. The financial burden of discovering the true results of this election is still on the shoulders of three small organizations,, and With the rise in price of the Wisconsin recount from $1.1 million to $3.5 million, more money will have to be raised to adequately cover the three states that Jill has targeted. Jill has raised as of now $6,846, 850 at the time for this writing. She now needs to raise $9,500,00. If you want to donate, please go to

Our people in Wisconsin have been so effective that two Trump SuperPacs filed a lawsuit in Wisconsin to try to stop the recount. They hoped that the number of counties refusing a manual recount would stay high. I have just read that their efforts have not been successful because a judge already ruled on the Wisconsin lawsuit when he ruled to keep the increased price and ruled that counties could decide whether they wanted to do a hand count or an electronic vote count. The judge did NOT rule against the recount.

The recount is still going on with the new amount for the recount being held at $3.5 million, up from $1.1million. This drastic last-minute rise in price may be able to be litigated later.

This is an account from a very honest Registrar, Sheryl Eaton of Hocking County, Ohio, on how a company technician from the voting machine company Triad, altered the votes in her county in 2004. Very moving.

For those of you who are writing me who dislike Hillary Clinton, please know we are doing this for the sake of election integrity. If we cannot change our election system here in the United States, we will not be able to have an election determined by the people in 2018. Our election results will always be influenced by people in the “back room” of a voting company. If you look at for November 29th and witness the hack of the tabulator done by a University of Santa Barbara security team, you will see that actions taken by a company insider are very much more likely to change vote totals than an attack from a foreign government. It would be great if we could introduce more open source software to vote tabulation. Then our elections would be far more transparent and criminal actions would be far fewer. The possibility of continued manipulated elections scares me a great deal. Election results in 2018 could be heavily manipulated if we do not make the changes in the next two years.

As you may know, attempts to stop the Jill Stein recount are now also coming directly from Donald Trump. I am imagining that he became nervous when he discovered that he has already lost 30,000 votes in Pennsylvania during the vote certification period even before the Pennsylvania recount has begun. Clinton losing votes in this way indicates that there may have been electronic fraud. I have always viewed Pennsylvania as a “sitting duck” for electronic fraud because they have many voting machines with no paper trails. At the request of Donald Trump, Michigan’s attorney general has filed a lawsuit with the Michigan Supreme Court to stop the recount before it begins. For more information about this, click on this link:

All of the recounts will probably not be completed before the electors have to be registered on December 12th. They will vote on December 19th. Alexander Hamilton created the system of electors to have kind of a think tank evaluate the people’s choice for president. The electors are not supposed to be like delegates. They are supposed to be people who have not held a political office. Much of that has changed now. The electors are more like delegates. Perhaps reminding the electors of their need to look thoughtfully and responsibly about the state of our election will have an effect. In some states there is a penalty for voting for someone other than the candidate who won in their state. Since the recounts would not be completed before the electors have to register for the meeting that they will hold on December 19th, the electors in Wisconsin, Pennsylvania and other states would need to think to themselves in the states that were won by Donald Trump if they still thought it was ethical to vote for him. One Republican elector who has resigned is creating a group of Republican electors who would like to elect a different Republican. They would be choosing between Mitch Romney, John Kasich or Michael Bloomberg. We will see what happens!

This is another view on how the recounts may effect the electoral college vote:

THANK YOU once again for continuing to stay on our mailing lists. Please know that you are contributing GREATLY to to America’s future of hopefully having an election system that we can trust. Our efforts may even have an impact on this year’s presidential election! If you have concerns about the recount and would like to communicate with me personally about this, please email me at and share what is going on for you. I am also open to talking to you by phone if I have the time because I like talking on the phone. If you request to talk to me by phone, please include your phone number and tell me in your email what you would like to ask me about. We need to have transparent, verifiable elections if we are to have the democracy that we really want.


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