The States are Making Recounts Difficult

Our election does appear to have been significantly manipulated in an electronic way. Voter suppression of course abounded.

We need to still raise more money to support the recount. Jill has been able to raise $6,709,547 as of this writing. Below is the screenshot that I sent over to Bob Fitrakis, Jill Stein’s attorney that prompted Jill to start a recount of her votes. Although Hillary has “joined the recount”, she and the DNC are not putting any significant money into the observing of the recount which is an essential action. is one of the few organizations that are supporting the work of trained election lawyers and observers.

If you are needing more information in order to contribute or continue to support the recount, please do not hesitate to ask me to call you and leave me your phone number in an email to me at For some of you, you may find this essay similar in places to what I sent you the day after Thanksgiving. For those of you who did not see my Thanksgiving mailer, please read on. For a great summary of new challenges in the recount processes, please click on this link:

BREAKING NEWS: As of today, Wednesday, more challenges have come upon the recount. First, the Republican Wisconsin judge ruled that the recount in Wisconsin would cost $3.5 million dollars up from 1.1 million dollars. For that amount, only 33 of the 72 counties in Wisconsin are willing to do hand recounts. Nine of the remaining counties will count the ballots only electronically and the rest of the counties will do a mixture of hand counts and machine counts. If company insiders or an election officials decided to change the programming on the one or some of the tabulators, they could best protect themselves by refusing to do a hand count., and are all sending some money to support the expenses of election observers and some additional lawyers. It is critical that we have as many trained observers as possible! We hope you continue to support our efforts by pressing the Donate button below.

Donations to are tax-deductible. Donations to Jill’s recount campaign, are not tax deductible. Unfortunately, because of the hostility in the state of Wisconsin to her recount, she must now raise still more money! $3.5 million more dollars if she is going to do Michigan and Pennsylvania as planned. We hope that you donate to her campaign as well.

About Supporting Jill Stein’s recount: Many of you who are writing to me are irritated because is supporting Jill’s recount. Some people think that Jill and are really supporting Hillary. I would like to make it clear that is supporting election integrity. It appears that Jill’s votes were manipulated as were Hillary’s. It was a kind person on our mailing list who sent us the screen shot below which showed apparent vote manipulation of Jill’s votes in Maine that stimulated the Green Party to do the recount.  Also, although Jill’s polls indicated that she was up to 5% in terms of national support by October 31st, her vote totals were down to about 1% everywhere in the nation. This is mysterious. Jill is supporting the recount for all Presidential candidates. The states that were chosen were picked out by her lawyer, Bob Fitrakis, to be where a recount might affect the electoral votes.  Below is a copy of the screen shot I received that started the whole recount action.

Jill did not choose to count her votes in Maine, because it was not going to affect any electoral votes. In New York, where the exit polls show that votes may have gone unfairly to Clinton, recounting the votes would not have affected the electoral vote count at all because Clinton had already won that state.

The role of in this Recount: Our own Bob Fitrakis, PhD, JD, who is the Green Party co-chairman for Jill Stein in Ohio, as well as an election attorney, was integrally involved in setting up the recount. Your support has helped him be able to dedicate his time to this effort. Thank you! We would deeply appreciate your continued support both of Bob Fitrakis and of other local recount observers and lawyers in each state.

About an Attack on Jill’s Integrity: Jill is also now being attacked by both Trump and Hillary supporters. Writers supporting Trump are alleging that Jill appears to be ready to pocket the money for herself. This attack starts by quoting a paragraph on one of Jill’s own Donate pages:

“All money raised goes toward recounts in Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania. We hope to do recounts in all three states. If we only raise sufficient money for two, we will demand recounts in two states. If we only raise enough money for one, we will demand a recount in one state. We cannot guarantee a recount will happen in any of these states we are targeting. We can only pledge we will demand recounts in those states. If we raise more than what’s needed, the surplus will also go toward election integrity efforts and to promote voting system reform.”

I can understand how this might confuse people and generate suspicion. It was written when Jill was not clear she could raise the money, much like I, at, originally put in a sentence about donations you make to our site. This statement needs to be updated.

The allegation that Jill will pocket the money completely for herself is completely WRONG. All money raised by Jill goes into a state trust account according to each state. This is in observance of the Federal Elections Code 2006-24.  She is NOT in control of the money. She has also hired a large law firm, Emery, Celli, Brinkerhoff and Abady, which will also fight very strongly any state resistance to the recounts.

Why Jill Increased the Original Amount on her Donate Page: What she asked for in the beginning was smaller than she needed. She was nervous that people would not donate. When money started pouring in, she upped the amounts needed, which was more accurate. I would like to see her update her website now and have made a request to Bob, her attorney, that a statement about how the money will be held in state trust accounts now replace her old statement as listed above.

Other States Need to be Added: In my opinion, she also really needs to include Florida in the recount efforts. Pennsylvania has a large number of electronic voting machines with no paper trail. Florida also has questionable vote totals. Unlike Pennsylvania, Florida has a large number of optic scan machines. Optic scan machines use paper ballots that can be recounted. I am also making a request for Bob to speak to her about adding Florida.

Interesting Initial Responses from the Democratic Party: As you know, Hillary has joined the recount. She delayed in doing it because Obama wanted to have a “smooth transition to Trump.” Also, earlier, the Democratic party also was asserting before the election that the election was not rigged. I believe that Hillary joined because Jill raised so much money and because in the popular vote Hillary has over 2 million votes more than Trump. I am disappointed that Hillary has contributed no substantial money to the Wisconsin recount. She has only paid for a few lawyers to go there to observe. She has of course contributed her name.   This puts again a bigger burden on Jill and her campaign. is able to receive tax-deductible contributions to cover the expenses of all other election lawyers and observers. who are essential if we want to discover some kinds of wrongdoing. Hillary also has not entered the recounts in Michigan and Pennsylvania.

About Jill being funded by George Soros. (Many Trump supporters allege this): Jill is NOT being funded by George Soros. Donations to her web page,, are limited to $2,700 per person, as it says on her Donate page. The fact that the names of donors pass by with a regular rhythm is simply a function of a software program. This is the only way that you can give Jill money. I know this because I am behind the scenes on all of this.

Why we very much would appreciate more donations: I would appreciate it if you would tell your friends about what I have revealed in this mailing, so that the truth will be spread around. Let us also see what we can do about supporting the recount further with our energy and money!  I also welcome your feedback and am happy to answer your questions, when I have the chance.  Again, if you would like to discuss issues with me by phone, please write me at and make a specific request to talk to me by phone if possible. Please include your number too of course. I enjoy conversing with people when I have the chance.

Thanks so much again for your support!!



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