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Lori Grace Board of Directors - Institute for American Election Integrity
John Brakey: Audit Elections USA Executive Director
Bob Fitrakis: Attorney/Writer Columbus Institute for Contemporary Journalism



Columbus Ohio, Tucson AZ and San Francisco CA


TrustVote will promote fair, open elections by ensuring ballot integrity throughout the United States.


• TrustVote will provide voter education to ensure the reliability and transparency of elections systems.

o Targeted email and text message programs in targeted states using voter files and appended data that drives traffic to our website using Datamatica.
o Update website and maintain up to date articles and videos that document our work in ensuring fair and transparent elections.
o Drive online traffic to our updated website to inform voters and recruit volunteers for our

• Education efforts will focus on areas where Election systems have been vulnerable in past cycles.

o Work with Supervisor of Elections in ensuring ballot images are preserved, providing information on vulnerabilities.
o Provide legal support for voter protection and election recounts in our targeted states.

• TrustVote will employ online outreach, broadcast media, and field operations.

o Partner with state political parties and other non-profit organizations that are operating voter transparency and voter protection field programs in our targeted states.
o Social media, broadcast media, and ethnic media campaigns to educate voters.

Target States:

• North Carolina
• Virginia
• Arizona
• Michigan
• Additional states can be added depending on funds raised

Advocacy Win:

TrustVote funded the Fitrakis/Arnebeck lawsuit against Ohio’s Secretary of State which halted the use of “experimental uncertified software patches” on a computerized voter system widely used in that State. An injunction was successfully granted and the use of patches halted.